International Course

For those who want to be certificated as coach or counsellor, Level 1 gives you a profound and fundamental toolbox to be used in your professional life. In level 2 we offer you the possibility to specialize, so you can choose what you want to focus on.

In your study book (download via the website) you can read all about these possibilities and the framework that goes with it. Level 3 and 4 will put you on the path of professionalism and mastership. You have a choice to walk this path individually with or without guiding.

See for the costs of all levels below this page.

Paying all levels at once for € 2000,– gives you a huge profit of 2 levels. Read the terms and conditions carefully. Money will not be returned, you can also take a restart insurance (€150,- if illness or unexpected events occur with the result that you need to stop the course temporarily).

Young Partners Training has the lead on the market of Amsterdam, 10 years ago we did start with the international course with very good results. Most of the students who finished level 1 and 2 are in the position now of leading their own business in coaching and counselling.


We are offering workshops during the whole year: family constellations, Voice Dialogue, Leadership, Interactive seminars, motivational speaking. We also offer other trainings:

Life-Tuning and Entrepreneurship with passion. Announces are made in the newsletter or in the Agenda.



Amsterdam Trainer: Lya Young-Afat – Places available

Group: AM86/INTA12 – Counselling and Coaching (mixed group English/Dutch) Level 1 – Registration

Price: € 995,-

Day – Time: 10 Sundays:  (1 day per month) – 10:00 – 16:00 hours

Location: Wijkcentrum het Pluspunt – Smeenklaan 1 – 1182 GC Amstelveen